Designing the problem

Breaking down the smart home products

This week has been an intensive week of research and problem finding. We started to pace up on our project and meeting twice a week to share our various findings. We divided typical homes into separate parts like living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and looked into the conventional furniture in these places. Based on these, we looked at over hundreds of home products out in the market to select innovative and interesting products to look into. Our initial market research helps us to clarify what are the products already out there and their competitive advantages like price, specific functions or technological advancements. 

It helped us to form a good foundation of potential ideas based on current technology and our own set of expertise. We also need to make sure that we are able to build a prototype within the time limit given. Despite the many constraints, we still had a lot of potential where we came up with one hundred ideas for each target audience group. From the hundreds of ideas, we then started to filter them down with more critics, further questionings and understanding to a final three to be done and showcased. SUTD Introduction to Design module really helped me to prepare for the real world where similar design thinking methods are applied to narrow down the most suitable problems to tackle. 

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