Theme progression

8 weeks into DATE, our theme is on the right track of creating smart home products. During each meeting session, our TA would discuss the trends and needs of different age groups. These groups include children, young adults, adults, elderly and the disabled. Moreover, real-life problems such as recycling and safety are taken into account in order to create a viable topic.

With the growing problem of trash accumulated around the world, China has implemented a strict rule for all citizens to sort their trash. This includes sorting rubbish into 4 categories: 1. Dry waste 2. Wet waste 3. Recyclables 4. Toxic. As such, it would be interesting for us to create a product that is able to educate people on how to sort trash by the end of DATE.

Carvings on The Peak That Flew From Afar.

Lingyin Temple

Boasting structures that are 1700 years old, Lingyin Temple is an area that is culturally rich. A place of worship, the temple sees almost 100 thousand tourists a year that come to learn the history and also pray to Buddha. Moreover, it is said that the temple was renovated after surviving 2 fires and a world war. The 28m statue of Buddha in Lingyin temple takes care of the people. Buddha blesses the people for good health, ethics and familial ties.

Impressive stone carved statues.

Also in this area is home to The Peak That Flew From Afar. The hill is filled with over 300 Buddha hand-carvings in the stone walls that have survived numeral dynasties. Home to this hill is also a cave called Yi Xian Tian (一线天) where only a ray of sunlight enters the cave. Two hand carved statues are in the cave: one is directly shone on by the sun ray while the other sits directly underneath the ceiling hole where light enters. In the past, people are still able to carve out something so meticulous without the need for modern technology. It is impressive how far technology has advanced and what we can do to preserve such culturally rich areas.

The entrance of Yi Xian Tian (一线天).

Walking on water

At night, we booked tickets to see the water show called “最忆是杭州“. Internationally renowned, the show exhibits over 200 performers that perform in 10 acts. These acts include Tai Chi, ballerina, singing and the traditional umbrella ladies. From the audience’s perspective, all of the performers look like they are seemingly walking on water. In addition to the excitement, the show utilizes floating platforms to carry out the illusions.

The one and only “最忆的杭州”! What an awesome show!

At the end of the show, everyone was very impressed with the show. Be it the props, performers or coordination, everything was marvelous and of world-class standard. It is indeed a show that represents the spirit of HangZhou!

Tai Chi with a modern style!
Not 1, not 2, not 4, not 8 but 20 Ballerinas!

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