Sick mustache man

Hi, I’m Dan, an ALP TFi scholar, if this is the first time you’re reading my blog, click here, to read Week 8. Bla Bla usual spiel, no use reading it because it’s boring.

So judging by your title you seem to not want to go back and work.

Well, who wants to go back after a long holiday? Although you could argue that the entire duration of ALP is a quasi-holiday. Although I had to admit Chengdu really had a lack of sitting toilets, which really made it suck quite a bit.

I think I amused the entire Sichuan party my recalling my ratings of the toilets around our Airbnb. For example, the upscale mall next to our hostel got a 10/10 because it had a place to put your phone, nice ambiance and most importantly, seated toilets.

No, really I don’t think I’ve mentioned enough on how much I missed seated toilets and everything.

You’ll start to miss the comfort of sitting and doing your business after a while, thank the heavens that we had seated toilets for ALP, I heard the last batch only had squatting ones.

Ok la seems like you’re doing well leh

Ok I’ll have to admit I’m not doing badly, just miss the freedom of holidays, like everyone else would naturally.

Back to work also means back to legit, theme work after the long period of time that was DIP. We previously held our projects on hold because of how we would need to focus on DIP, and now we have to go full throttle to get our project up and running within the quick span of a month.

In other news, Typhoon Maria also just hit the Zhejiang region, all I experienced was greyer skies than usual, alongside with some winds and especially heavy humidity.

Howcome you never talk about your work on this blog one?

Namely, because there’s already a blog for work, shameless plug here, so I try not to post stuff about the blogs here as well.

Huh then blog for what

Blog for stuff like food.

Near ZJU there’s this Mexican restaurant named Mojitos that has daily deals for 15 yuan, sets include burritos, burgers etc. Just imagine the value that you get.

But the real deal is the Fajita, a bunch of meat with a bunch of wraps meant for two people to share, but eaten by one instead.

The thing is, one can be sick of the meal by the end of the meal. But he’ll always come back for more.

And when I mention the person, ‘one’, I actually mean me.

So yeah I kinda missed that as well.

I love cheap food, especially when It’s delivered to my doorstep.

Can I just bring the entire 外卖 system back with me?

Still got stuff ornot?

Well, I visited Lu Xuns hometown on Sunday as well, I had to present about one of his short stories for my HASS weekly project in Term 1 as well.

Lu Xun house circa 1996- Coloured

For the entirety of the trip there, I recalled only one fact, Lu Xun was widely misquoted after his death, for the purpose of promoting communism.

The number of Chinese tourists just made me see the irony, seeing what happened just a decade and a half later to his pupils.


This week blog over already?

To be honest? Yeah, the blog’s over, mainly because I find no point in writing about inane stuff that only serves to pad the length of this blog post, I rather have meaningful stuff(to me at least) that I can ramble on about.

Yeah sorry for the lack of photos, after the first few months stuff just stops being a novelty and I just told taking many photos.

That’ll be all for this week, I’ll see you guys next week.




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