Having completed the first two courses of our DATE program, we have entered the recess week for week 10. This week was another theme intensive period where we settled more matters with regards to the final product, and 高铁 to Yunnan for our recess weeks plans.

Chill nights in our hostel room
Resident cat at the food street

This week for our theme project, we were bouncing the many ideas that we had for the visualizations of our datasets for the Brexit project. I learnt from this week’s discussion that having the end goal in mind is important even for proof of concept projects where the measurable outcome may not be fixed and is expected to vary from the original idea. Overall, I’m very satisfied that after the two intensive meetings that we had over the week internally with the team and with our TA, we were able to have progress and goal we can work towards. Therefore, we are able to start working on the final product and come up with our first iteration of our project.

Mala Dinner
Essentials for our backpacking!

In addition to the academic rigor that we have to go through, this week marks the start of our recess week plan, where my friends and I have decided to spend the time in the Yunnan province. For our first stop in Yunnan province, we have decided to visit Yunnan capital city which was Kunming. To get to Kunming, we took a 11h 高铁 from Hanghzou to Kunming, arriving in the city late at night, but we were pleasantly greeted with a cool evening breeze which was a nice change from the increasing warmer weather in Hangzhou. For the first two days, we decided that we’ll visit the stone forest and gorge that Kunming is famous for. Will be blogging more of our experience in the coming week!

Yunnan road in Shanghai
Our tickets to Kunming City
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