Well compared to last week, we started off on a high note. Partly because we have lessons on Mondays now TT.TT What lesson was it? Design Thinking, the course where our seniors made origami robots. Truthfully, we were all looking forward to the class, designing cute paper robots that move. As the class progressed, we realised… we are not dealing with origami robots this time But every dark cloud has a silver lining, we had a chance to experience something new and different. Similar to an actuator  , we will be using is their new technology called the Printed Paper Actuator. It’s a material that responses to changes in temperature and humidity in its surroundings.

We had the chance to use a 3D pen, and that is us drawing random things. Of course, it is not all play, we had to see how the material affects the paper. The thickness of material, number of lines or curves effects extend of bending on the paper. I’ll show you some pictures to spare your curiosity 😉

During our lesson, we had a surprise visit from our President Chong and team. Despite their busy schedule, they came down to check on us first. We bid farewell shortly after, but like loving parents, they reminded us with three key takeaways from ALP. First, learn as much as we can, reflect on what we had done so far to improve. Second, networking, make more friends here. Last, enjoy, be it travelling to other places or just staying in school, a change of mind-set can make a lot of difference. 

For those who have been following our blog, you would have known that we joined a competition earlier this month. The results of round one are out! Guess what? We qualified for the next round!! Happy happy. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back. We have to go prepare for the next round now, tata till next time!

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