Hello! Iz a me, Timo. In this post I shall talk more about what we had planned out for our CIP days ahead, and talk about our first day at the CIP programme. Also, I’ll be talking about our trip down to an Art school hosting their Graduating Exhibition, which had quite a lot of amazing final year projects.

Let’s begin with our trip to the school for mentally disabled children, Hushu School. On the first day we decided to hold an activity that is not too complicated for us, and to gauge upon what we could do with the children. Not to mention, the children we engaged with were the youngest of the school, so nothing too complicated would be best. In the end, we held a paper plane making competition. So we broke up into smaller groups and taught the children how to fold different paper airplanes. I opted to not be very involved or interactive with the children as my Chinese was really bad, and it is their native language. So I just went around taking picture for every individual if possible. However, all these did not stop the children from interacting with me. (It was not my intention to totally avoid the children, just not be so directly interactive with them.) I still tried my best to talk to them, with what little Chinese I know. It turned out fine, as children mostly wish to go around and play. The day ended with us giving the children gifts for the top few that threw the plane the furthest, and gave prizes to the plane that looked the best. It ended on quite a good note, with respect to the whole day.

Around two weeks before the CIP programme, we headed off to an art and design school found somewhere in Hangzhou, namely China Academy of Art (中国美术学院). It was hosting their graduation exhibition and graduate of the school were showcasing a great variety of different art pieces, such as Visual Arts, Design, Short Films, Architecture, etc. The entire experience was quite invigorating, since I came from School of the Arts, Singapore. (Sadly, we did not venture into any dancing showcases, as we did not have a lot of time to find an dance exhibits) Going through all the exhibition, especially the design/models exhibit was quite inspiring as a student from SUTD. The way the students think and come up with designs is immeasurable and out of this world. It shed a whole new different perspective on designing products, by thinking out of the box. The trip was one well spent. Also when I was checking out the shortfilm showcase, there was a dog sitting beside me. (It was so cute and well-behaved!)

Well that is all I have to address for this blog post, see you next post!


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