My week started off with a wonderful trip in HuangShan, An Hui Province (安徽黄山). Me and my roommate took a 4 hours bus ride followed by cable car up to HuangShan. This is one of the most beautiful mountain in China, and is well known for the sunrise, sunset as well as the sea of clouds (云海).

We built a tent up there to stay overnight for the sunset and sunrise as the cable car, being the easiest transport method to travel up and the mountain starts to operate at 7am and ends at 5pm each day. (an alternate way would be 7km of path that takes an average of 3-4 hrs)

We were not very lucky the first day there that we did not manage to catch the sunset view due to the cloudy weather. Despite that we woke up at 3am the next day and the luck was finally at our side where we manage to see both the sunrise and sea of clouds at the same time. ❤

The second half of the week I have made a trip of Traditional Pottery Experience in 景德镇 organized by the DATE team. 景德镇 is known as the Porcelain Capital in china where the porcelain products are very well known. We stayed near the HuangKiln which is the base of our activities.

We experienced the whole process of making of pottery products and get to experience a lot of the processes.

HuangKiln (The base of our this culture experience activities)

We visited museums and observed many great works by professionals and masters.

These are the pottery products made by us students
We went to markets which sells many creative work by university students specialised in the making of pottery work.
mini pottery products! They are really cute and we got to experience the process of making as well ❤
Another work by master from an exhibition
Painting by us on the pottery plates, which would be later burnt and mailed to us
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