We finally reach the last week of the program where we prepare to add the finishing touches to our theme project. It was quite a hectic period for our theme as we were trying to refine the product and film the video that is required. In order to make our product more presentable, we also came up with ideas that helped with that and proceed on to make the items needed.

Finally, on Friday, we presented on our product to help with the delivery services in China. The area which we presented was in a small function space where each theme has their small stand and they can present their products at their respective stands. Most of the people who were there are either professors that are in International Design Institute in ZJU or companies who were working in collaboration with the themes in their projects. All in all, the presentation went smoothly, and we managed to take a theme photo with our professors and teaching assistants after we presented our product.

Overall, this DATE experience has been an eventful and enriching experience for me and my theme members as we learnt something new that was not part of any syllabus in our curriculum which requires us to think out of the box and come up with a creative idea. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in getting to know more about the progress of China and those who want to solve real world problems to join DATE and experience it for yourself.

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