On Monday, to kick off the start of the week, we had a troubleshooting session on our course of Design Thinking & Expression [Origami Robots], whereby we had our final meeting with the professors regarding our interactive origami robot and obtain related feedbacks. During the process of design, we focused mainly on areas such as how to make the robot more humanly behaved and designing interesting interaction. But for presentation, we spent lots of time improving on the aesthetics as well, with interesting story backgrounds.

[my group’s origami robot —- butterfly]
For Tuesday, there was then a company visit to Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology CO. Ltd [杭州海康机器人技术有限公司]. That company has many interesting AI and robotic products based on camera and CCTV. It was really amazing to see such technologies and test them out personally. For example, it was amazing to the clarity of such camera and what they are able to achieve. A CCTV fixed at a position of more than 20 storeys high is able to zoom into a bicycle parked at the side of the road, and to observe the pedestrians’ wearing and figures. Also there are cameras that are able to identify colours clearly in an area of absolute darkness.

Another technology of this company that many of our SUTD students have been playing with is a camera that is able to detect a person’s gender, age and whether the person is wearing spectacles just as the person passes by. At the same time, they can relate the person and identify where he or she is, at what point of time, and at which corner of the room. These amazing technologies has gave us much a larger room of imagination of what the future would be like. It is kind of incredible how much the world has improved, and allow more people to look forward to the nearby future.

The Origami Robot Workshop Exhibition was held on Wednesday from 1400-1700. All the 10 group brought up there best work that they have been working for the past one month. From the earliest state of brainstorming for expressions, to the state of turning these thoughts to reality, and finally to a origami robot that is not just being able to carry out preprogramed actions, but able to interact with the audience. The exhibition was open to public with each group’s prototype, poster and video, to officially mark an end for the course of Design Thinking & Expression.

For personal life in Hangzhou, I dropped by a cat café that has an approximate distance of 1 km from ZJU. It was a nice and quiet environment with cats lazing around. One can choose to order a drink and dessert while enjoying the companions by these cats. It is difficult for students like us to own a pet due to hostel restrictions but it is relaxing just to visit such places that provide a safe and clean environment for pet lovers.

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