This week is the end of the design fiction course where we had to submit a final video using the origami robots that we created from the previous course and overall, it serves as a refresher for us to use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. The storytelling techniques that were mentioned in this course serves not only as a means of relaying a story, it also serves as a way of advertising your products which is useful in any industry that you may work for.

Our theme also had our first theme outing where we visited Cainiao Office near the campus to pitch our ideas with regards to parcel delivery and storage. My first impression of the office was that it was huge given that they had a few buildings all under Cainiao and everything looks stylish. However, given that Cainiao is a subsidiary of Alibaba, it was then not that much of a surprise that they had the capital to have such facilities. After the presentation we gave to the management at Cainiao, we were given a tour around the company where we visited some of their laboratory which contains a parcel storage prototype which is fully automatic from the deposit to the retrieval of the parcel. It was quite an eye-opener for me give that it was the first I have seen a fully automatic parcel storage machine. Their willingness to innovate and come up with more efficient methods of delivery to keep up with the ever-increasing demand is something that I learnt a lot from.

Overall, it was a very fulfilling week for me as a whole and it was an enriching experience to experience China’s working culture first-hand.

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