I have been training with the ZJU Dragonboat team for the past few weeks. This weekend, with 端午节 happening, obviously there will be a dragonboat race!   Unfortunately i was too late to enter the competition so i was there as their reserve/photographer!

It was a competition held at XiXi Wetlands, with 18 teams from 9 Universities around China competing!

This is going to be a very picture-heavy post!

We set off at 830am from Zijingang campus, and Xixi is just a short 15 minutes away.

Tired or excited?

The lady in the white hat is our glamorous teacher/coach 许亚萍老师!

And this is her ultra-cute daughter!

We arrived wayyyy early, with the first race only happening at 3pm, so there is lots of time for some shenanigans!

Group photo with the team!

Random stuff. Trying to kill time!

After a short lunch break, it was only 1230, and what do we do after a meal?

Sleep anywhere, anytime

We just relaxed(slept) in the restaurant until about 2pm. Feeling refreshed, its now time to racing!

The man on the left is Cem! He’s an international student from Turkey taking his Masters in ZJU in International Politics (If i remember correctly)

Going to the launch area

At this time, everyone is feeling confident about the race. Its been pretty relaxed so far but its GAME TIME!

Grandstands are packed!

Actually still completely relaxed
Waiting for the gun…….


Right before the finish line! Hang in there!

A team from another school decided to finish off their race with a splash!

Completely burnt out at the end….
How about a little swim after the race?

The team performed brilliantly, with Team A and Team B getting 1st and 2nd place respectively for their category!

Another team photo before we leave Xixi!

The prize giving ceremony and dinner was held at Zijingang International Hotel.

Having a blast!

And of course, some photos to celebrate our fantastic performance!

Shameless photo here!
Team photo!

After a long and tiring day,we ended off the night with a group photo with students from the other universities. It was an amazing experience to be with such wonderful people! Many thanks to them for being so welcoming and helpful ( my chinese needs work haha). Its something I will never forget.

Next month, there will be another competition, this time with a distance of 10km! Hopefully I will then be able to race together with them!

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Hi I am a Sophomore at SUTD and will be joining the EPD pillar! While I'm not slogging away in class, I train with SUTD's Cheerleading(VERTEX) team and go Dragonboating during the weekends. Like to travel around , indulging myself and getting lost in the foreign but exciting environment. However, the one thing that i most enjoy, is FOOD. Nothing beats running around to find new and delicious FOOD! Although that does mean I have to exercise a lot to fight off the weight. But its all worth it :)


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