Greetings fellow readers. We are a team of 6 who travelled to Turin for the annual European Innovation Academy. It has been an ongoing event for the past decade and many great startups emerged from here. An experience like this is totally god sent for us as Singaporeans to explore the global platform.

Yesterday, we had a speed dating session where 200 students internationally came together to form our own groups. This is exciting yet thrilling as people would come to pitch their ideas to you. It feels good to know that you are “in demand” when people starts pitching their ideas to you. This can be quite thrilling when you have the luxury to tell them “ok, I will get back to you later”. This kind of experience can really bring us to a higher level as it forces us to listen to others, even if it is a very bad idea, and leave with a smile without an annoyed look on the face.

Today, just like any start up events, is a day full of lectures. What is interesting is that they actually hosted us in a cinema. Can you imagine that? It felt pretty amazing to me at least.

We spent the remaining hours breaking into groups and started ideation. Just like what we were taught in 3.007, brainstorming and even more ideation, but on a business level.

I guess EIA really is one of a kind experience where we have to interact with group members from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

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EIA’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer Programme aims to develop a new venture to the market within the 15 days of program. Participants follow all the milestones for creating a startup – from idea to launching. It is the full real-life experience of starting a startup, throughout the program, all the topics, teachings and skills to make it a success will be given to the participants.


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