Its day 3 of EIA and things are looking great. Especially when you are greeted by infinite Italian espresso at the venue.

Continuing on into the day, we learnt several important lessons about customer validation and market research which was extremely valuable!

Lessons are taught by the experienced entrepreneurs. By far, the lecture on design & innovation was the most inspiring lecture of all. Several innovations were presented by the speaker, such as an interactive supermarket which looks super futuristic, using waterfalls to create art around a building and also doubles as a door. But, I’m most impressed with the makr shakr (pic below), a cool invention utilising iot, app interface and robotics to create personalised cocktails.

After lectures, our team met up in the room allocated to further our discussion regarding the startup.

Pivoting is a very important concept in startups, to be able to tweak and edit their target or idea, to be able to adapt or exploit for their benefit. However, for our case, our initial idea was not ideal for EIA considering it is a short program. We unanimously decided to drop the current idea and took on an idea that was presented by one of the companies partnered with EIA Turin, Ferrero (YES, THE COMPANY THAT MAKES NUTELLA). We had to make quick progress so as to catch up with the other teams, but we’re not too bad. Things are actually starting to look better.

At the end of a tiring day, we finally retire to our hostel which feels like an hour away. The picture of the bus stop below, was taken at 8.30pm.

Yes, it is still sunny at 8.30pm.

Anyway, I end my post here.

Ciao, Khairuldanial (EPD Junior)


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EIA’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer Programme aims to develop a new venture to the market within the 15 days of program. Participants follow all the milestones for creating a startup – from idea to launching. It is the full real-life experience of starting a startup, throughout the program, all the topics, teachings and skills to make it a success will be given to the participants.


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