Wait… is this the 7th day already?? This is almost half way mark of the entire programme.  This week, we focus on marketing and how to sell your product after the validation of customer last week. Teams are now rushing for a mock-up pitching session that is due on Wednesday, YES TOMORROW! The best part, we were only told on Monday to show a working prototype within 2 days. For most software projects, it seemed almost impossible as we had to came up with the whole system in 2 days.

Well, I guess this kind of pressure helped us to push further and unleash our potentials. Well, nothing is more effective than rushing at the last minutes the day before, isnt it?

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EIA Italy 2016
EIA’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer Programme aims to develop a new venture to the market within the 15 days of program. Participants follow all the milestones for creating a startup – from idea to launching. It is the full real-life experience of starting a startup, throughout the program, all the topics, teachings and skills to make it a success will be given to the participants.


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