After 13 weeks in Hangzhou, we’ve finally come to the official end of the DATE 2019 program.

Surprisingly enough, I really don’t have much to write about for this week. My theme has spent the last week mostly just touching up on the deliverables (poster, video, and report) and presentation for the theme project (if you want to read a little more on what I’ve been doing with regards to the theme project, you can see my post for the theme blog here). As our project is almost entirely theoretical, we didn’t have to deal with any technical kinks or challenges, since the technical parts didn’t actually exist.

It was interesting to see what the rest of the themes had been doing for their projects, though; some of them had managed to achieve an impressive amount of actual functionality in their prototypes. In the end, our theme was somehow voted as the second most popular project (goes to show just how important marketing and a good presentation is, I suppose).

All in all, it’s been a pretty uneventful end to a pretty eventful three month journey – although I do still have one last week here in Hangzhou before I head back to Singapore.

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