Hello everyone,

This is my sixth week being part of the Engineering Design Programme and this week I took a side trip to Osaka/Kyoto as I had a few days free! Well I guess the title isn’t so accurate anymore but still I hope you enjoy the blogpost as much as I do!

One of the more interesting places we visited in Osaka was the Cup Noodles Musuem:

Here, we get to learn the contents of cup noodles, the history, and hot it’s made!

We were even able to DIY our own cup noodle to bring home, being allowed to choose ingredients and design the cover ourselves!

Of course food is a highlight of Osaka, so here are some photos! How many can you identify?

Osaka is also home to the Osaka Castle, that is really impressive and tall despite being so old:

In addition to visiting Osaka, I also went to Kyoto and visited many places there. One of the more interesting site is this temple plated in gold. Kyoto is a really beautiful place!

That’s all this week, see you next week!

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