Summer break (夏休み Natsu Yasumi) is coming in Japan and with it, there are a lot of summer festivals (夏祭り Natsu Matsuri) happening. Recently, I’ve been to a number of them so here they are!


Yutenji Mitama Matsuri (16-18 July 2019)

First of the festivals I went to. This is a festival that was held around the premises of the Yutenji temple and it is a Bon Odori festival (盆踊り祭り) with many many food stalls around.

Adachi Fireworks Festival (20 July 2019)

This was just one of the many fireworks festivals during summer. This one started at 7.30pm and lasted an hour, ending with a finale at 8.30pm. It was held in the middle of a river so there was ample of space for people to set up their picnic mats and spend the evening there. People go as early as 5pm to get good spots. I personally arrived at about 7pm and left at about 8pm, so as not to have to fight the crowds in my commute. That unfortunately means I missed the finale, but that’s alright 🙂

Shinjuku Eisa Festival (27 July 2019)

Eisa is a traditional dance originating in the Okinawan islands. Joonas and I managed to arrive in the afternoon and catch the last few performances.

Kagurazaka Matsuri (24-27 July 2019)

This festival lasts four days. In the first two days, there is a Hozugi Market, and in the next two days, there is the Awaodori Festival (阿波踊り祭り) where participants perform the fluid and graceful dance that originated in Tokushima Prefecture. I visited the festival on the last day, and it started at 7pm. This is probably my favorite one out of these four festivals because I think the dance and music is very beautiful.

During this season, there are really many many festivals happening that it’s impossible to visit them all. Check out for a list of these festivals if you visit Tokyo during the Summer!

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