This article first appeared in BTS Issue 3.

By Tan Yong Da, Dino, Sophomore (Class of 2021)
Engineering Systems and Design

The customised 8-week TU Berlin VIEW Programme gave 11 of us the unique opportunity to learn about Entrepreneurship, Business Innovation and Leadership in the start-up capital of Europe!

Week 1 to Week 2: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Under the mentorship of an experienced entrepreneur, we thought about design thinking and innovation from a new perspective. Learning in a global classroom, we got the opportunity to team up with international students from different fields. The integration of different school of thoughts during brainstorming made learning so much more invigorating.

Our international friends from all around the globe

Best way to spend a weekend in Berlin – a trip to Mauerpark Flea Market

In order to find the ideal product-market fit, our multinational teams conducted extensive market research to better understand our audiences. Conducting interviews with locals was slightly daunting, but was crucial in understanding a foreign market. We created novel solutions that targeted real problems, finally concluding the programme with a pitch. The course was thoroughly enjoyable and a great insight into entrepreneurship fundamentals.

Week 3 to Week 6: Start-up Crash Course: From Idea to Reality

Taking a peek at the entrepreneurial scene in Berlin, we visited innovation labs and co-working spaces where entrepreneurs shared their experiences. Their entrepreneurial journey made us appreciate how we as technology students should pursue our passion rather than conform to societal influences.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s Symbol of Unity

Bike maintenance – a part and parcel of our lives for two months

We were each required to develop an idea into a business start-up. We were guided through the multifaceted nature of a start-up: networking, marketing, branding, financing. After developing our ideas for a month, we pitched our business propositions to a panel of angel investors and venture capitalists.

Pitching to real investors and VCs

Week 7 to Week 8: Leadership in the Entrepreneurship’s World

This course revolved around the premise of the question “Why should anyone be led by me?”. Through sharing of our life experiences and encounters with leadership, we gained an intrinsic understanding of our character and values.

Never a dull day in class 

With guidance from our mentor, we created a personal development plan, charting a course in achieving our pursuits in life. This course showed me a clearer perspective on what it means to be a leader and follower.

The TU Berlin View Programme was amazing in both its curriculum and opportunities provided. Forging international friendships, fun activities every week, exploring every nook and cranny in Berlin – the two months have become an unforgettable part of my life.

Still cheery despite being lost in the woods of Saxon Switzerland 

High Rope Course at MountMitte 

Weekend visit to Amsterdam, Netherlands

11 of us arrived in Berlin as mere acquaintances, but through our crazy adventures around Europe and living altogether in an Airbnb, we left the charming city as a family.

Our first group photo at the former part of Berlin Wall and its Death Strip 

Experiencing Berlin on a kayak 

Finally, a Chinese meal with international friends 

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