While many of us are indeed coming to China for the ALP learning experience, what’s a trip without a little exploring and sightseeing? With that, here’s a post detailing the many adventures (and food) here in Hangzhou!

Late night meal with some close friends and new buddies

Here in Hangzhou, There are several roadside stalls serving all kinds of food, perfect when you are traversing around looking for a nice supper. While some may be afraid of hygiene, a friend of mine says this for all street food: 食物不干净不好吃 (If it’s not dirty, it’s not delicious). That said, do still be careful of what you eat, lest you get a stomachache!

Such advancement! Much tech! So wow!

Within many of the campus canteen, one can see conveyor belts at a corner, with plates being led away. This is something that is almost never seen before in Singapore, least of all in a regular school! But with so many patrons in the canteen, maybe this is the most efficient way of collecting all the plates and cutlery. Perhaps we should have this in our own canteen as well?


In Hangzhou, there are a chain of restaurants that sell delectable dishes that are simply irresistible. Some of them include 绿茶,外婆家,and et cetera. Here, a bunch of my friends and I are dining at 新白鹿. Being introduced to such a place for the first time was really an eye opener. Many of the dishes here are of such great taste that by no means do they lose to any other top restaurants, and with the conversion rate between Chinese yuan and Singapore dollars, they are always of good value. Such an experience can only be bettered when you eat with friends:  not only is it great to bond over food, you’ll get to spend less when you split the bill and you get to taste more dishes too! Word of advice for my future juniors: try the Salted Egg Pumpkin! It’s a dish you won’t regret~

Walking along a ridgeline
Map of the various peaks along the ridgeline
Buildings stretching out as far as the eye can see
A wondrous scenery below

Behind the school was a series of hills, making up the wonderful backdrop of Yuquan campus. It was on a fine day that my group of friends and I decided to conquer them. The initial climb up the steep slope was a long and arduous one, but once we made it up to the peak of the steps the rest was easy. Walking along the ridgeline, the group of us explored to our heart’s content, taking in all the scenery from both sides. By the time we reached the end, the sun had set and we were greeted with a beautiful view of the city lights. Sadly though, the cable car that we were meant to ride down from was closed that night. Our group then climbed down from the top before treating ourselves to dinner for a job well done!

With that, I’ll be ending today’s blog post here. Till next time!

– Eiros

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