Hey everyone! This shall be my final post before I officially return to Singapore. So contrary to the majority, who booked the flight back tonight (Sunday night), I booked the flight on tomorrow night (Monday night) together with Jiang Yi and Ian. As a result, we had to search for a hotel to stay in for a night. We initially booked a hotel near the airport, but when we arrived we learnt that only Chinese Citizens could stay there! At that point it was about 7 or 8pm. After some discussion we decided to split up – Jiang Yi would stay in the hotel we originally booked, while Ian and I will go to another nearby hotel. Well, it turns out that our new hotel (while more expensive), had nicer rooms! I guess it kinda makes up for the inconvenience that we had. Although I enjoyed ALP and living in Hangzhou, I can’t wait to return to Singapore tomorrow night! There is so much I miss, especially the food!! Well, but not the prices of everything, though..

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