It has finally come down to the final week of our project and it has been a very fun and unique experience. We were spending nights completing and polishing our deliverables and we are very happy that our project has finally ended successfully. We would like to thank our professor in charge, Jiang Hao and our teaching assistant, Jia Huan for helping with our project and being a wonderful host to the 7 of us. We have learnt a lot from this project and we are extremely grateful for their patience and kindness. On to our project…

Vivi – A Smart Home Calendar that utilises computer visualisation to detect emotions

Our first prototype is called Vivi, it is a smart calendar that utilises computer visualisation to detect a user’s emotion. This will feedback to the user and family about the emotions in a family and can output certain actions such as playing music or showing a video in reaction to the emotion detected. We believed that a passive detection such as computer visualisation would be a huge market in the future and therefore, we decided to make a product and combine it with a traditional household item like a calendar. However, this calendar has IoT embedded technology in it and can be controlled using a phone application to allow users to have convenient access to their schedule. We hope that Vivi will be a smart calendar that will be used in all homes all over the country.

Kuka – A smart weighing scale that uses voice recognition to make baking easier for chefs and bakers

Our second prototype is called Kuka, a voice-controlled weighing scale that facilitates a cleaner environment for cooking as well as a more convenient and easy access to recipes and cooking videos. This product aims to make cooking a much easier activity, especially for new chefs and bakers. By using smart speakers, it can listen to commands and display whatever the user wants without touching his or her phone. This can be especially convenient as their hands are often dirty while cooking. We hope that Kuka will be a very useful cooking tool for new chefs and bakers.

Vivi and Kuka

In summary, we had a very eventful time working on this project and we hope that we use our skills in our future projects in SUTD.

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