Here is the newly formed SUTD Stanford 2017 Biker gang.

I have been talking to nobody in particular for my past posts. From This post onwards, I have decided to call you my diary. So here it goes.

Dear Diary,

It had been quite an eventful first day here in Stanford. But for today, I would just like to talk about 1 thing. BICYCLES! I have read that Stanford is a large campus and bicycles are fairly commonly used as a means of transport. When I arrived, it almost seems like cycling is an essential means of transport if you would want to go from one place to another with any speed.

As such, our team Singapore decided to go to the university bicycle shop to get our ride. They do bicycle rentals but the prices were super steep! There had to be a better way to get ourselves a ride. The answer, Walmart!

There was no Walmart in this Paolo Alto area. We had to uber to mountain view, California to get to Walmart. There, we formed the SUTD summer exchange biker gang!

I am actually very excited to be owning a bike in Paolo Alto. Talking to students there, most people commute by bicycle. They said that a bicycle can be a viable way to explore the whole of Paolo Alto. Looking forward to lots of exploring with my new bicycle!

Thats about it for me. Nothing much yet! Just taking in the sights and the sounds and getting my bearings. I will keep you posted!

Yours Truly
Hei Kern

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