A random photo of the sidewalk. Trust me, it looks a lot better in person. >.<

It has already been an exciting 3 days in Stanford. And believe me, these 3 days have felt a lot longer than usual – both literally and figuratively. Apart from the longer days (the sun rises as early as 6am and sets as late as 8.40pm), we have also had our hands full with orientation events and lessons. The events are all held at different places so we actually travel around a lot!

Another thing we had our hands full with was food. 😀

The food served here at Lakeside Dining Hall is really good. The dining hall even serves their delicious food buffet-style. I’m actually genuinely worried about growing fat here, something which has never happened in SUTD.  *ahem*

My first meal! Didn’t know what was good so I went total kiasu style and took a bit of everything.

First impressions have been really good. Really looking forward to the 8 weeks here. :D

By Lin Geng

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