Week 1 of EIA(France) focussed on cultural understanding, idea exchange and team formation.

The event started off with a speed dating event to encourage students from all over the world to step out of their comfort zone and interact with people who had very different culture and ideas over drinks.

Subsequently, it was reinforced by the interesting guest lectures who highlighted cultural differences and similarities. In my view,this was very helpful to find a good team with balance and diversity.

Once we had formed a team and our mentors, we immediately started brainstorming to evaluate and improve our ideas. We did this by drawing business models, flow charts, market research and consumer validation.

We had the opportunity to interact with other knowledgable mentors during office hours to get a fresh perspective of our ideas.

We worked in our teams to create a efficient yet flexible timeline so as to coordinate the technical and business components of our startup.

During the evenings, we had the time to explore the city and wonderful places on its outskirts.My international exchange was truly international as I got a chance to meet new people and try new food and activities.

Retrospectively, I believe my first week at EIA was very positive and eventful as put in our heart and soul to create a sustainable and innovative startup and had a lot of fun.

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