The food in the dining hall is amazing but we also like to explore food around the campus. We usually will eat outside during the weekend.

The food portion in the US is enormous. Do consider to share the food with others 🙂

  1. One penny ice cream.Special promotion on Ice cream sandwich day. It was the cheapest food that I bought. The flavour was Birthday Cake !

2. From this root bear float, you can see the difference in sizes of food in US and Singapore. Most of the drinks are refillable including milk shakes at Denny’s.

3. Pasta at the Gypsy. Highly recommended by Berkeley students.

4. Poke Bowl. It is a trendy food in Berkeley. You can double the meat if you like. 🙂

5. Pizza at the Jupiter’s

6. Milk shake with bacon. Do try it if you want to taste something different !


  1. You will need to tip whenever you eat at a restaurant where people serve you the food. Depends on their service attitude, you can choose how much you want to tip. 15% is usually the minimum tip for their services.
  2. You do not need to tip at fast food restaurant and cafe. However, you may do that if you want to.
  3. If you use a credit card, you can tip by asking them to charge a specific amount on your card. Otherwise, it would be easier to pay by cash and ask them to keep the change.
  4. Sometimes, we left the tip on the table also.
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