As usual, we had our breakfast at around 7am before setting off at 8am.

Started the day off with python, then lunch. Managed to interact more with the students here during this period, as they brought us to their canteen to try out their traditional tea. Learnt that UCSY works the same way as SUTD, such that first years all learn the same thing and only choose a course in their second year. Also learnt that they keep 5 dogs in school. 😀

authentic Burmese lunch by the university
one of the dogs at the university

After lunch, we did a small cultural exchange. One of the faculty who followed us on the trip was a local, so he did a small sharing of Myanmar’s history and culture. Then we played some local Singaporean games, five stones and pickup sticks. The students here seemed really intrigued by the games.

Proceeding that, we continued with our Python workshop (we learnt how to draw shapes with turtles!!) until it was time for us to go back.

At night, we continued exploring our surroundings. Some of us walked to the nearby eateries around our hotel, while others went a little further to look at a light exhibition.

Only one more day of learning Python until Thursday when we are presented with actual problems to solve. Am quite excited for more upcoming activities!

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