Broken Telephone with KMUTT students

Today is the second day we spend at Wat Rang Sane Nakorn Chan School, where we continue our progress in the installation of solar panels. The KMUTT students worked hard to mount the solar panels at the principal’s office, and the sound of holes being drilled into the roof of the office was echoing throughout the school. Meanwhile, we finished up whatever was left of the 26 solar panels to be installed on the walkways.

The highlight of today however was meeting with the Primary 1 to 3 students for bonding activities. We came up with some fun activities to play with these children. It seems like their energy is almost boundless! While there was a language barrier as the children did not speak any English, the KMUTT students helped to translate and also facilitate the games. For one game, we split the children into two different groups, where they competed to find a card containing a given word in a pile of covered cards. Another one we played was a game called Broken Telephone, where a line of both children and us would spread a sentence from one end to another by whispering to the person standing before.

After the session with the kids ended, KMUTT students and us stayed back in the room, playing a few rounds of Broken Telephone ourselves. We used both Chinese and Thai sentences, and it was funny to see how we mispronounced one another’s languages. This led to us just sitting down together to learn more about each other languages and phrases. Overall, it was a fun and engaging session as we got to understand each other better, and I also got to pick up some handy Thai phrases.

Soon after it was time to leave, back to school to have dinner and some free and easy time, as same as the past few days. I look forward to the next few days, hopefully completing our tasks tomorrow and have more fun times with both primary school and KMUTT students.

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