Day 4 in Yangon, and day 3 of learning python with the UCSY students. In the morning, we continued learning python. Afterwards, we went for lunch and when we came back, there was another round of cultural exchange. This time, we learnt a bit more about Myanmar history and its literature. Then, we played another game with the Burmese. Today, we played chapteh and after teaching them and practicing for a while, we had a mini competition, and the school with the most number of kicks would win. At the end of the competition, the UCSY students won with 49 kicks!

During our python workshop today, we learnt math functions, and how to plot graphs with python code. We also learnt the use of functions in code to make our code more efficient!

Today we ended our lesson early and went to Chinatown to explore more. Some of us went to a nearby park and enjoyed the scenery there!

Tomorrow, we will be tasked with actual problems to solve. Am anticipating tomorrow’s activities!

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