Today is the last day we spent at UCSY (luckily not the last day we are spending with the students!)

Learnt a bit more python first in the morning, such as databases, more specifically dictionaries. The students and teachers at UCSY had gifts for us afterwards, the guys got a longyi (a piece of cloth tied around the waist), and the girls got a traditional top. Many of us were quite excited to try on our new clothes, and some of us even wore them when taking a mass photo with the students.

guys trying on the longyi

After lunch, we were shown a video of the past 3 days we spent at UCSY interacting and learning with the students, which brought back many good memories. For the rest of the time at the school, we took photos with the friends we made there, shared social medias, and collaborated for a last activity to code our own mini game or a graphic using turtle world. There were many interesting results such as creating a tic-tac-toe game using turtle world, and a really cool graphic by one of the Burmese students.

SUTD and UCSY students collaborating

Tomorrow, we will go to different tourist locations in Yangon to explore with the students. Looking forward to meeting the students again tomorrow!

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