Planning some activities

We spend another day at Wat Rang Sane Nakorn Chan School, to troubleshoot issues with the solar powered light on the building opposite the principal’s office where the classrooms are located. Some of us also discussed different activities to play with the primary school students during Children’s Day tomorrow..

Given that we have a total of two hours allocated for activities tomorrow and that we have to consider many different factors especially safety, some of us spent quite a bit of time on coming up with ideas and writing them down. We finally decided on five different activities to play with the children, all to be revealed tomorrow.

After lunch, a few of us, including me, went out to buy supplies for games tomorrow, although admittedly its another excuse for me to go out to explore and take pictures. We went to a street with shophouses lined up at the sides with a busy road in the middle.

By the time we were done getting our stuff, it was already late at 4.30pm and we hopped into the van back to KMUTT campus.

Dinner was fried drumstick chicken and fish with rice, and being a lover of fried chicken I had to take two servings. Afterwards, some of us went off to pack up the prizes for tomorrow’s activities, which are necklaces of sweets. (Pretty ‘sweet’, right?) Since there was so many helping hands, we were able to finish the job early.

Overall, while today was not much of an eventful day, we all did preparation for tomorrow’s events. However, there is going to be a long day ahead of us tomorrow, as we not only have organised activities to play with primary school children in the afternoon, but also plan to have one last dinner with the KMUTT students before departure on Saturday.

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