On the second last day in Yangon, we finally have a full day for sightseeing and attractions! We visited these locations together with the UCSY students.

First place we went to was the National Races Village, where the place showcased the different houses of the different races and what each house would consist of. Along with the houses, there were also animals in the area, such as deers, ducks, and cows. We managed to feed some of the animals. It was interesting to see what each household would consist of, and from this make some guesses of how each race lived their daily lives.

Second place we went to was the Bogyoke market, where they sold many traditional clothes and items. There were many jewelry shops, as well as many more shops selling traditional art. Some of us managed to buy a few cool souvenirs for ourselves.

Lastly, we went to the Shwedagone pagoda, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Yangon. The name literally means gold city of Yangon, and the infrastructure there is really made out of gold! As a Buddhist myself, it was really cool to see these statures and be able to visit this place.


Along the trip, the students gave us souvenirs, and played and introduced us to the various attractions. When we were leaving the pagoda, some of us were quite reluctant to part with the UCSY students. A couple of us even went to People’s Park to explore and spend one last night with the UCSY students.

It has been a good 5 days spent with the students, playing and interacting with them, and learning more about not just Python but also their culture. All of us really hope to see them again if possible!

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