Today was officially the last day we spent in Myanmar. We checked out of the hotel at 7.30am and left for the airport.

photo with our guide Ms Sai Pan and the driver!

Over the course of this trip, I have personally learnt many things. Initially, I was a little apprehensive of the trip, thinking that I might have made a wrong choice to join this trip, but I was proven wrong very quickly.

Myanmar is, personally, a country that I would never have thought of visiting, so if not for this trip, I would not have been able to explore and find out more about Burmese culture, as well as its history and tradition. There were many places I have been to and food I have eaten in Myanmar that have made me appreciate this country more. Interacting with the locals and the students here have really given me more insight to the different cultural behaviors and practices.

Being able to appreciate Burmese culture is not the only takeaway from this trip, I also learnt a lot from the Python lessons we had with the UCSY students. I managed to advance further than I initially thought I would, though I did deviate from the main lessons a little. This trip managed to spur me on to continue learning Python, and gave me the necessary headstart in order for this to happen.

TL;DR, this trip helped me to learn to appreciate culture here, especially in a country where there are many ethnicity and races, similar to Singapore. It also pushed me to take more initiative in learning Python, to continue beyond this trip.

Am grateful for such an opportunity, and will definitely recommend this to future batches of Freshmores.

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