One last photo with KMUTT counterparts before boarding the bus

We spent our last night at KMUTT Ratchaburi Campus, before waking up at 7.30am to have breakfast and catch our bus which leaves at 8.30am. I will miss the food here at KMUTT, as the breakfast and dinner here have been something I look forward to everyday.

After a long bus ride where we were stuck in a traffic jam for a bit, we finally reached the airport. We boarded the plane at 3pm (time in Thailand) and touched down in Singapore at 7pm, local time. Part of me was glad that I am back to home sweet home, but I did wish that we could spend more time at KMUTT, as it has been a great time here.

Since it is our last official day in KMUTT, this will also be my last blog post, and as such I would like to take the opportunity to thank the KMUTT students and staff for being great hosts and friends during these 7 days. The staff has been very hospitable, even cleaning our rooms when we were not around (something most of us did not expect!). Also, it has been fun spending time with the students of Wat Rang Sane Nakorn Chan School, who were very cute and friendly. I would also like to thank the school for letting us have this opportunity to install solar powered lights. Finally, I’ll also like to thank SUTD and faculty members for giving us this opportunity to go out and broaden our horizons.

When I first touched down in Thailand, I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I thought of this trip as a one-time job, where I just get to learn more about solar panels and engineering skills. Watching the KMUTT students work, there were a few learning points – how they were efficient in their work and how they coordinated with each other to get a job done. However, as time went by and we warmed up to one another, I found that there was so much more. The friendships we forged with both KMUTT and SUTD students alike and the fun times we had with the children were the biggest takeaways from this FACT trip, and will remain as treasured memories down the line. Looking back at the past 7 days, it has been nothing but fun and new experiences for me. In the end, I wish all the best for both our KMUTT counterparts and Wat Rang Sane Nakorn Chan School, and I hope that we will join forces with KMUTT for future projects in the future.

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