Preparation for Forest Studies

Conducting the Forest Studies

On Day 5, we went out to do our field studies, where we learnt about how to sample an area of the forest and measure other factors such as measuring wet humidity. It was interesting to see the methods to measure biodiversity we learnt in “Science for Sustainable World” being used in reallife studies. Then we embarked on a 2.8km trek through Ashton trail which was challenging and exhausted many of us. Along the trail, we could hear the birds’ call in the forest and tried to identify their species with the help of our instructors.

Evening Lecture at KBSFC

In the evening, we had to do a presentation on our findings of our forest field studies of which the instructors were impressed with, particularly with our observation skills. After the presentation, the last activity that we had for the day was a lecture on “soil”, where we learnt about its importance in sustainable design, in the aspect of preserving biodiversity through eco projects such as tree planting.

Thereafter, due to the strenuous activities in the day (the gruelling Ashton trail), most of us opted for an early rest in preparation for the aquatic studies the next morning. Physically exhausted, it was definitely one of the best sleep I have ever had.

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