Setting Off From KBFSC

On Day 7, we headed back to Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) from KBFSC. The schedule was a bit tight and we had to rush slightly as we had to attend a lecture by Prof Eng Shi, where he presented on a sustainable approach for using natural product and food sources, before we proceeded for the closing ceremony.

Prof Eng Shi’s Lecture





  Closing Ceremony

At the closing ceremony, the UBD student buddies showcased a video that they had complied of our experience in Brunei. It was pretty heart-warming to watch, seeing how we grew from strangers to friends. With this, it also marked the end of time at UBD, where we were presented certificates in recognition of us completing this FACT programme.

Enjoying Our Last Day at Jerudong Park

After the closing ceremony, we had the afternoon off where we went to a nearby theme park called “Jerudong Park”. We spent the rest of the day going on exciting rides and watching the sunset together.

Lastly, we had our last dinner in Brunei in a nearby food centre as well as supper in a coffee shop or what they term as mamak, where we had amazing fried rice and teh special (tea with guala melaka). Today was probably the day we went back the latest, knowing it’s our final day as well as having little planned for the next day, we tried to cherish the last moments in Brunei as well as exchange contacts with newly made friends. All in all, I wished the journey could have been longer. 


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