Departing Brunei International Airport

On Day 8 and our last day, we checked out in the morning and headed off to the Airport to fly back to Singapore. We posed for a last photo at the departure halls and said our goodbyes to the UBD buddies, who had specially came to send us off before we board the plane.

To the buddies, I would love to let you know, we truly enjoyed the hospitality you have shown us. It may be goodbye for now, but we do hope to see you again next time.

And we are back

Overall, I really enjoyed the eye-opening experience I had in Brunei, a country that has much of its green nature and also its cultures and traditions still preserved. I believe that forests are significant in the role of sustainable cities and Singapore should continue to preserve its forests and maintain its status of a garden city.

I would like to thank the professors and staff in charge of the planning and running of the whole programme, for this wonderful and fulfilling experience given to us. Last but not least, I would also like to thank UBD for their kind hospitality and guidance throughout the trip. 


Signing off,

Raj (Freshmore, Class of 2025)

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