Presentation go time

D-day, it is time for all groups to do their presentation. All our hardwork was finally being showcased to our friends as well as special judges from UGM and SUTD. Upon successful completion of the presentation, we could sense the palpable relief from each group.


At the end, there was an award ceremony for the best team as well as the best participant from UGM. The best participant was awarded with an exchange to SUTD, with tuition fees waivered! There was a bittersweet closing ceremony to mark the end of our collaboration with UGM students, where a memorable montage of our days in UGM was played.


We took lots of photos with our new friends to commemorate a closure of this chapter in our life. It was certainly an eye-opening and fun experience in Yogyakarta with UGM.

Final Night

As it was the night before our flight back, we did not want to waste our precious last moments in Yogyakarta. Some chose to spend it exploring the night scene, while others stayed up together whilst having supper and late night talks.


Good bye, Jogja!


Written by Sue Chi,
Class of 2025

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