First day at UGM

Monday was our first day meeting our UGM friends. It was here that we sung and listened to each other’s anthems. The Indonesians sang their anthem: Indonesia Raya, with great pride. We were then split up into our teams.

Campus Tour

After class, we had the chance of touring the UGM campus on a guided tour by our student buddies.

The first stop was the Tugu Fakultas Teknik UGM, a monument that represents the engineering faculty.


Next, our tour brought us past the football field where inter-faculty games are held annually. The campus also boasts a Wisdom Park that has a lake.

We also stopped by Boulevard UGM where there is a huge sign of the university for a quick round of photo-taking. The students mentioned a myth that students who take a picture there will graduate late. Striving to be the group of students to debunk that myth, our buddies took a group photo with us by the sign.

Exploring the city

In the evening, we split up and explored the city centre. We went to Hartono Mall, a really expensive shopping centre.

We also visited Gereja Sayidan, which looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.


Walking along Malioboro Street, we stopped for dinner at Pempek Ny. Kamto restaurant, this was where we had our virgin try of Pempek, a savory Indonesian dish made of fish and tapioca. There was a variety of pempek, such as the Selam, which was fishcake filled with egg. Each table was provided with an accompanying sauce called ‘Cuko’ that is sweet and sour. It went really well with the various types of pempek.

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