On Saturday 20 Aug 2022, we all gathered at Changi Airport Terminal 3 early in the morning to depart for Bangkok, Thailand for our FACT 2022 Science for a Sustainable World @ MUIC. Everyone was a bit tired due to the early flight, but we were all very excited to go for this exchange. For most of us this was their first-time overseas post pandemic. Personally, for me, I saw this as a break right before the start of school. Of course, it was also a great opportunity to make new friends overseas.

Upon reaching Bangkok Airport, we were greeted warmly by the MUIC students who offered to take care of our luggage while they brought us to some much-awaited lunch at the airport cafeteria. Here we got to know some of the MUIC Facilitators accompanying us for the trip a little better and a taste of Thai cuisine.

After our lunch, we took an hour ride to our accommodations for a quick check in. Afterwards, we headed straight to MUIC Campus in Salaya, a town near the outskirts of Bangkok. Here we got to know more about our tasks there. We also met our MUIC counterparts for this journey for the very first time, students from various fields and backgrounds. I was feeling a bit anxious at first when meeting them. However, this feeling quickly faded upon getting to know them through ice breakers and dinner. They were very friendly and welcoming. I could tell that this was going to be fun trip indeed. Finally, after filling our stomachs we had a good night’s rest at our accommodation.

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