On Day 5 we went to Bang Kra Chao, or better known as the green lung of Bangkok. We had many fun activities here first was the making of local Thai dessert that was very similar to our very own otah back home but instead of fish or protein they used coconuts and sugar instead. The results was a delicious crispy dessert that I would love to try again back home.

After trying our hand at making Thai dessert, we went to try making tie die cloth. We used dye made from a fruit found in Bang Kra Chao to make our tie dye cloths . We had a lot of fun experimenting with different tools in order to create different patterns for our cloth. At the end, we got bring back our beautifully patterned tie dyed cloth with us.

Our final activity at Bang Kra Chao, and definitely one that I was most looking forward to doing was Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We got a chance our feet wet or in my case muddy. We had a lot of fun trying to keep our balance while trying to avoid falling in. Some of us fell into the water immediately while others were pushed of by others. All was in good fun of course.

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