Tuesday, 14 January 2020

The day in Mahidol University (MU) started off with Prof. Tee Hui from SUTD presenting on artificial intelligence and its applications to the advancements in technology. Additionally, he introduced our school’s design-teaching pedagogy to the MU students.

SUTD Prof. Tee Hui presenting on AI and Neural Networks.

Afterwards, we headed down to the Faculty of Science’s electronic lab for the main activity of the day: making USB handphone chargers!

Briefing on the workshop by our student facilitator Lowen.
Schematic circuit diagram to create the USB charger!

We conducted the workshop for our MU buddies, teaching them our to read the schematic diagram, connect the ‘powerbank’ components on the veroboard, and solder the circuit together. The 9V battery acts as a power source and is stepped down to 5V using the linear regulator so that they can charge their USB devices.

Teaching the MU students how to assemble the DIY powerbank!

It was an enriching experience for both the Thai students and us, as we guided them in basic electronics and soldering that they are exposed as much in their field of Material Sciences. There were many creative and optimal ways to assemble the circuit as well that I would not have otherwise thought of!

The final outcome of the workshop…
… and it works!


After lunch, the undergraduate students from both SUTD and Mahidol University did sharings on the various projects they have done in university.

Yong Ta from F01 with his 3.007 project, “Beta Focus”.
“Evergreen” project by Sheryl and Hui Cheng from F02.
MU students presenting on their “Recyclable Perovskite Solar Cell” project.

It was eye-opening to see the various projects, and how the design process plays out in any engineering and/or science project to ultimately deliver its objectives. 


Here’s some snippets of how we spent the rest of the evening of the university and Bangkok with our newfound friends!

Exploring the MU shop!

Spending time on the university campus with our Thai friends.

Chinatown Bangkok!

Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring!



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