The first week was indeed an enjoyable experience for the team. In the second week, we were introduced to our first project, which was our class assignment on origami robots. We were taught the basics of the different mechanisms, like a slider and parallel crank mechanism, gear mechanisms, revolve and sliding pairs. Our professor also showed us some of his prototypes he made, and some other prototypes made by his students. Our task was to apply some of the mechanisms taught in class to our prototypes, and make them imitate the movements of a certain animal.

That night before, my roommate also touched down in Hangzhou. I then took the opportunity to show him to 外婆家,and also the Houjie.

Cold chicken noodles, and also half eaten food. Forgot to take pictures before eating. :(

I was still exploring the campus even after the first week. ZJG Campus is way larger than SUTD Campus! After our class that Tuesday, we headed out to the West side of the ZJG campus, where we discovered there was a canteen there serving international food, and also a large lake, where we saw a few graceful swans waddling about.

My lunch that day, Japanese Udon with some chicken

Dinner was at 银泰城,but no, it wasn’t at 新白鹿 this time. My friends and I discovered a all you can eat restaurant, called BullFighter. Basically, if you ordered a set meal consisting of a drink, an appetiser, main course and dessert, you can order more servings of everything except for the main course. My friends and I had an insane 70 – Yes you read that correctly, SEVENTY pieces of garlic bread, 3 bowls of different soups, 3 servings of appetisers, and 3 servings of desserts, which each serving consisting of a cheese cake, chocolate cake, vanilla ice-cream, and creme brulee!!! And the price was only around S$16!

Only managed to get a shot of the desserts this round. Look at the insane amount of food!

Stella and Tenzin also organised another mountain hike the following day. Being an adventurous person, I joined them as we headed up a mountain at Yuquan campus. We also had breakfast at Yuquan’s campus Houjie, which I feel have restaurants serving tastier and equally priced food compared to Houjie(堕落街) at ZJG Campus. Stella and Tenzin brought us to this restaurant famous for its Shanghainese dumplings(上海小龙包), which I ordered, and was really worth it, given that the juice in the dumpling explodes in your mouth when you take a bite.

Then, we headed up the mountain. Taking breaks along the way as we caught glimpses of the city skyline. We were also rewarded with seeing much of nature’s beauty as we descended down the mountain in a cable car. Following which, we headed to the 小丫头 restaurant where we had a sumptuous 13 course meal.

The weekend followed with a celebration of ZJU’s 120th anniversary. I also took the opportunity to engage in the once in a lifetime experience, by heading to the open air concert held at Yuquan campus on that Saturday, and Sunday followed with watching a live telecast of the performance held on ZJG Campus on TV.

Soaking in the anniversary’s atmosphere

Lastly, I would also like to introduce some of the restaurants at Houjie which I particularly patronise owing to its food, when my friend and I went there a few times to eat on one of the days after our work, and also some of the good food I ate during the week.

Korean Kimchi rice and Gimbap
Kimchi beef don
Beef noodles
Shredded chicken noodles
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