It is the start of week 2 of being here. I think a lot of us have started getting use to the life here, like not jet lagging anymore, and like knowing the general areas of Berkeley.

For me personally, my lessons start at 2pm, after having breakfast as a group, I will go back to my room and study my online course (Psychology) before eating lunch with the rest and going for my Music Theory class.

Here’s me having my music theory lesson. As a person who have taken music theory before back in Singapore, I prefer the classes here more as they go more in-depth for these theory lessons. This helped me appreciate the reasons certain rules in music theory better.

An interesting thing about our group, we have a total of 5 climbers in our group #SUTDClimbers. So a large part of our week is spent in climbing gyms (about 2-3 times a week). So today, as usual, we went to the climbing gym for our own training.
The others on the other hand, spend their time hiking as well!

Here’s a photo of Grizzly Peak, where they hiked up today!

Supper is a common thing for us climbers as well as we usually skip our dinner and eat later after our training. Stores in Berkeley tend to close rather early, and there are only a few stores that are open at night (or at least as far as we have explored). For tonight, we have hotdogs (AMAZING HOTDOGS) from top dog, as well as poutine which is this amazing french fries base with toppings of meat on top (or veg, or anything you choose)

Alright, time to sleep now to wake up tomorrow for classes! see ya!

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