On our last day in Enschede we met up with UTwente students who had been to SUTD for exchange for a good bye :'(

Our farewell dinner was at our favourite chinese restaurant Fusion Wok. Since the UTwente students have never heard of the restaurant we thought it would be great to introduce them to the restaurant and get new business for the owner Mr Hu. Luckily, all the UTwente students could tolerate spicy food and we all enjoyed the spicy Sichaun mala fish fillet it was extremely delicious.

Over dinner, we exchanged funny stories of our times in UTwente/SUTD and funny mistakes/events that happened because of different cultures. It was interesting the difficulties people face adapting to the Singaporean culture – a culture that feels really familiar to me. It was also interesting to hear UTwente student’s perspective about the education system/culture in Singapore. I think its safe to say we really did experience different cultures and truly became global citizens through this exchange opportunity.

After dinner, we bade farewell to the Chef :'( Good bye Mr. Hu we will miss your mala fish fillet, chicken and recommendations :'( We never thought we would find decent East asian/Chinese food in Europe but boy did you prove us wrong 🙂

We then headed off to a bar in the City Center to try some beer 😀 The UTwente students told us about different beers in the different bars in the city center and even gave us a crash course on how to pour beer 😀

After enjoying our beer, we headed back to our hostel and gave the UTwente students cutlery which we no longer needed. They were really happy to get free stuff and we said good bye.

Forging friendships with UTwente students who have been to Singapore was probably one of the best and most meaningful memories from this exchange. It truly made this exchange feel like an exchange.


Fighting with the UTwente students for the delicious fish fillets. OM NOM NOM

Good bye Mr. Hu from Enschede Fusion Wok! We’ll miss your delicious cooking! I’ll miss the snow here 🙁

Beer tasting after dinner

Crash course on pouring beer. Apparently i did a decent job 😀


Cheers to the SUTD-UT crew and THE MOST AMAZING EXCHANGE!!!!

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