The festival is named in an alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals published by the United Nations. It has 3 main segments: World, People and Love. For the “World” segment, it consists of the world café which I took part in. The main objective of the world café booth was to share about the Singapore’s culture. And also, according to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the various challenges that Singapore is facing and what has Singapore done well in. Besides this, the segment includes social innovation institutions both internationally and nationally to help strengthen the network in collaboration with these enterprises. Here are some of the institutions which are involved: ImpactHUB Taipei, Urban Youth Academy, UNDP, British Council and more.

Credit: Facebook @HYInnovation

The second segment was “People”. There was a flea market where individuals or companies would sell food or items for charity. It also involved several social start-ups such as Humanaid – a newly setup company that creates and simplifies articles and news for people with disabilities. There is also a 3D printer company that wishes to help improve the standard of living in the rural areas by bringing the 3D printer technology there. Thebirdgetogether – which is an online platform similar to Gogetfunding or Kickstarter to help support human and environment-centred business with the crowd-funding approach

Credit: Facebook @HYInnovation

The last segment was “Love” which mainly showcases the social ventures by Hanyang University students. For example, Tak – a social platform to help sell artworks for items made by people with disabilities. Eco-Farmket – a social venture that produces sanitary restroom called “ECOSAN” which is made of eco-friendly materials. Besides all the booths and showcases, there were also other events such as Social Venture Competition, talks from guest speakers and industry partners, Coop and Impact tours as well as a Youth Changemakers workshop.

Participants can collect up to 17 stickers by visiting the different booths. In return, they have a chance to win prizes from the lucky draw or exchange for food coupons for free.

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