The mid-terms exams are during the end of October. I spent these 2 weeks mostly preparing of the upcoming exams as it was my first time taking an exam in a Korean university. Although the curriculum does not seem to be that tough, most courses do not allow students to bring their cheat sheet. This is something which is very different from the university education system in Singapore where we are allowed to do so. This means that we have to memorise and understand the key formulas, concepts of the topics tested.

Micro-electronics 2 in particular was the course which I struggled with the most. As I have to self-study the first 7 chapters of the course and then study for the tested topics. In order to help facilitate my learning, I made cheat sheets for each chapter that I can refer to from time to time.

There are several study cafes around the vicinity of the university. Lang study café is my favourite one because it is newly renovated with new furniture and beautiful interior design. All you have to do is to order a cup of coffee and you get to study for 4 hours. At the study booth, you get to sit on a large leather chair, you are provided with a study lamp and charging parts.

During these two weeks I signed up for a free village night walk organised by the Hanyang International Volunteer Association where we got to learn more about the heritage around the Seongbuk-dong region. There were also flea markets around and I managed to catch free live performances by various buskers.

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