Arggghhh braaainssss!!!

In week 2, the AYY (Aalto University Student Union) organized a school-wide Humans vs Zombies game of tag which ran from Wednesday to Saturday 24/7. The fact that it was such big scale and would run continuously for 4 days (gotta keep a lookout during lectures?!) made the game sound super exciting and I promptly signed-up for it. In the beginning, all players would be humans (indicated by a scarf around their arm) except for a few who would be the Original Zombies (OZ). These OZs can masquerade as humans and must plot to infect as many people as possible as they would lose their OZ status after the first 24 hours or after they have infected 3 people. In such dangerous situations, how would the humans protect themselves? Of course by using CLEAN SOCKS and nerf guns as weapons! Zombies enter a stunned state for 10 mins when hit by a weapon and will not be able to infect people.

As a human, we had to complete missions in order to gain extra powers or weaken the zombies. The first day I was super paranoid and kept glancing around to see if there were zombies. I could not trust any humans too as they could be OZs as well. Luckily, buildings were considered to be safe spaces until their closing time so I could still concentrate on lectures and classes before I joined missions in the late afternoons/evenings.

The missions were quite fun and you really had to keep a lookout for zombies. One of the missions I participated in required us to listen to a voice recording and search for the correct location of the past survivors. It took us through routes we would not usually use when going to classes and allowed us to explore the school more. At one point, 4 zombies and a tank zombie (can’t run but can only be stunned by special anti-tank balls) sneaked up and cornered us before we ran to the safe zone at the metro station. As we tried to seek another way through, some humans decided to go on the offence but unfortunately were infected and changed into zombies. Suddenly, it was a chaotic mess as a group of about 20 humans was reduced to 5, and the surrounding zombies now numbered around 20. Frustratingly, we only had about 15 mins left to complete the mission but could not find a way to breakthrough. Eventually we decided to go the other way around the main road in an attempt to avoid the zombies, and it was nerve-wrecking sneaking around. While we were unable to complete that particular mission in the end, I was glad that I had managed to survive at least! Sorry there isn’t much pictures for HvZ as I was honestly was too busy running away :’)

Band playing some songs for us to dance to!

Apart from HvZ, I had the chance to experience a sitsit for the first time as I signed up for the guild’s freshmen sitsit on Friday. Sitsits are like fancy/themed formal dinners where students will sing songs and have a meal together. There are many rules regarding the sitsit such as how to toast, what is the correct etiquette when a lady takes a leave etc. but it was a more relaxed sitsit so there were no penalties if we forgot something. It was funny and interesting listening to the jokes they try to make to link to the song titles, and we had a lot of fun singing and dancing, enjoying ourselves. After the sitsit ended, there was an afterparty at Rantasauna, which was a sauna near to the sea. I did not get a chance to try the sauna that day, but hopefully I will be able to try it at least once before I leave!

Appetizer was barely enough, so I took another portion from two seats away since the person did not show up
Really nice choir leading some songs




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