Coming to Mahidol University International College for exchange program is not easy. I appreciated the help from SUTD’s ISTD office, International Relation and MUIC’s Student Exchange Office to make this exchange program possible.

The module offered on term six from MUIC is limited for ISTD students, and I almost not being able to go for this exchange. It is fortunate that I can get my elective modules approved from ISTD’s faculty and MUIC’s faculty before the school starts.

Three out of four modules I am taking in MUIC are from Faculty Of Engineering, my classes are held in the engineering building, which most exchange students have their classes at the Mahidol University International College building.

Mahidol Faculty of Engineering Building


The road outside of my hostel

All exchange students are invited to MUIC orientation activity. It is optional for an exchange student, and I joined for an evening. I would have to say it is a different experience 🙂

Year one students introducing their names


There will be student activities fair coming up on week 3. I wish I can join the Muay Thai and Volunteer Club.

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Wei Yang is one of the students on exchange to Mahidol University International College and also a recipient of the TFI LEaRN Programme Award. As part of the award deliverables, Wei Yang is required to blog about his exchange journey and community service experience.


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