What is a freshman matriculation without the campus CCA fair. We visited the school extra-curricular activity fair and had a glimpse of the student life in NCTU. We even got our hands on feeding one of their horses from the Equestrian Club!

If you are looking to meet new people from the get-go, and at the same time feel warm and fuzzy inside while at it, there is no better way than joining a service club, especially here in Hsinchu where there is no lack of service groups. I did not expect to find myself a project this quickly, when I joined the World Cleanup Day slated for this Saturday. Apparently, I am going to be one of the 1200 strong volunteers who will be helping to clean up 南寮海边 (Nanliao beach) in the Hsinchu county. My responsibility is in carparking and human crowd control.

Not bad for someone who hasn’t driven in Taiwan!

Turns out the strength was closer to 1500!

What a way to end the week: a meaningful time spent at the beach on a cool weekend. According to the organisation “Let’s Do It Taiwan”, the beach cleanup is an international effort where people from all over the world gather at the beaches on the same day in effort to pick up trash and spread awareness. There was even a broadcast that was streamed live to viewer who couldn’t be present on the day of event!

Here is a video depicting their vision for the beach cleanup efforts: http://t.cn/Ev6Yhma

Just as I thought the week couldn’t get better, HelloTalk sent an invitaton to a meeting at Taipei Grand Hotel. For those who do not know, HelloTalk is an language exchange app that connects learners who wish to learn each other’s native language. For example, if one wants to learn Chinese and is an English native speaker, then he would be connected to a Chinese native speaker who wish to learn English, thereby allowing them to practise speaking in each other’s language. Some users of the app, including me, got invited to a dinner at the 5-star hotel and we played games to practise our language of choice. I would always remember the time when I was asked to introduce myself in Japanese. I have never spoken Japanese before, but I did it anyway. It turned out to be really fun.

[picture – it got me to take Japanese here in NCTU]

It has been fun thus far.

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