And enjoy the left-hand drive

Texas is a big state. It’s the second-largest state, after Alaska. So it’s really BIIIIG.

And because the land is not a constraint for Texans, they like to spread out their buildings. You could spend 30 minutes just walking from one end of campus to the opposite end. Even though the weather is nice, you’ll definitely want a more efficient way of getting around, especially out of campus.

College Station is a relatively small and homely college town. But surely you’re not going to stay in CStat all the time. Here are my top picks for a weekend trip around CStat.

Fort Worth, Dallas

For an authentic Texan experience, head down to Fort Worth. About 3 hours from CStat, you’ll be amazed at how the scenery has changed. It’ll make you really want to go Howdy. Everyone is dressed in cowboy hats and boots (WITH SPURS), leather belt on jeans, and leather jackets. It really cannot get more Texan than that.

Just kidding. It gets way more Texan. Entertainers would play our quickdraw sketches, rodeo stations, longhorn exhibitions, beef rib buffets. It really is a great place.

While you’re in Dallas, you must check out the JFK Museum at Dealey Plaza.


For all you nightlife fanatics, Sixth Street is where you want to be. Yup.

NASA Space Center, Houston








Okay, Houston is really just NASA. Just go for NASA. The exhibitions are amazing and there are plenty of speedy to admire.

Pro-tip 1: Look out for launch dates (just google) and clear out your schedule for that period. It’s better to wait till closer to the date before making your reservations because they have a tendency of being delayed. BUT GO. Rent a car and head down to witness mankind’s most ambitious endeavor.

Pro-tip 2: Their bomber jackets are very handsome, but you can probably find them in Ross or TJMaxx in other states. I got mine in Seattle for almost half the price in Ross, and there were quite a few pieces on sale. But grab lots of other souvenirs.

Pro-tip 3: Go early. There is a lot to see and make sure to check for their last tram tours because it ends before the main exhibition.

Author: Khor Zi Long, 2020

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